Sentrex Legal Document Preparation  is a Non-Attorney  legal document preparation company which assists our clients that are not represented by attorneys (pro se)

How We Can Help You?

Our services  can save you hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars by allowing our Legal Document Assistants  to assist you in drafting your legal documents at your direction.

Our motto at Sentrex  is  ” you make the decisions and we do the paperwork”.



Family Legal Document Preparation

We help consumers represent themselves (pro se) in uncontested legal matters by preparing/typing the necessary legal documents at their directions, and to court standards.


Established in 1997.

Tamra graduated in 1997 with her AA degree in Legal Assisting and went on to finish her BA degree at USC. She also completed 4 years of Law School and has worked in the legal profession for many years.

Meet the Business Owner

A Word From Tamra:

Having gone through my own divorce I know how confusing and scary the process can be. I like to think that the personal service you will receive from our office will help make the process easier. Throughout the number of years I have worked in this industry my clients will benefit not only from my personal experience but from the relationships which I have formed throughout the legal community.


At Sentrex Legal Document Preparation we specialize in helping our loyal customers with all of the following services:

Family Legal Document Preparation:
Child Custody
Child Support
– Conservatorship
– Guardianship
Legal Separation
– Living Trust
– Notary
– Power of Attorney
– Probate
Restraining Order
– Wills

If you are in need of a service that is not listed above, please feel free to give us a call at (909)383-3500

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